22 June, 2022

Volvo on Forbes AR

“The new luxury is silence”, Volvo’s idea to launch its plug-in vehicles in Argentina”
15 June, 2022

Volvo on Rio Negro

“The Seven Lakes Route will have 18 electric chargers”
9 June, 2022

Volvo on Ámbito

“Double electric bet in SUV”
8 June, 2022

Volvo on iProfesional

“Volvo will install 50 electric chargers in the country during 2022”
8 June, 2022

Volvo on MDZ Online

“Volvo will install 50 electric chargers in the country, including Mendoza”
7 June, 2022

Volvo on Clarin

“Despite the problems to import, Volvo is committed to doubling its sales in Argentina this year”
2 June, 2022

Volvo on iProUp

“Argentina has its first “electrified route”: the plan to bring hybrid vehicles to Patagonia”
1 June, 2022

Volvo Cars on A24

“Volvo wants to be the leader in electrification in Latin America”
27 May, 2022

Volvo on Radio Mitre – Lanata Sin Filtro

2 May, 2022

VOLVO on Clarín

“The electric and vegan SUV that will arrive in Argentina”
21 April, 2022

Volvo on Revista Parabrisas

“Viking Reloaded!”
8 April, 2022

Volvo on MDZ

“Volvo will bring the new 100% electric C40 Recharge”
6 April, 2022

Volvo on Clasificados La Voz

“Volvo C40 Recharge. On board the 100% electric brand”
30 March, 2022

Volvo on A24

C40 Recharge, the electric Volvo arrives in Argentina  
17 September, 2021

Volvo Cars on Top Motor

Volvo opened an exclusive space in the city of Buenos Aires to offer experiences