20 July, 2020

#JuntosHacemosMás on Revista Pymes

The task of innovation in an emergency
8 July, 2020

#JuntosHacemosMás on Radio Delta 90.3

Technological District companies donate face masks
6 July, 2020

#JuntosHacemosMás on Diario Popular

To take care of the kids of the Covid-19
2 July, 2020

#JuntosHacemosMás on Radio Late

#JuntosHacemosMas on Radio Late 93.1 – Technology District companies donate face masks
1 July, 2020

#JuntosHacemosMás on IproUp

Quarantine: companies from Technology District of the City created 3D masks to donate to children
1 July, 2020

#JuntosHacemosMás on Vía País

Covid-19: donation of face masks to children
29 June, 2020

#JuntosHacemosMás on Canal de la Ciudad

Seven companies got together to donate face masks for children  
25 June, 2020

#JuntosHacemosMás en BuenosAires.gob.ar

Creation of face masks to donate to the youngest
19 June, 2020

Snoop Consulting on Revista Mercado

Argentina N95: a solidary project from the technological world
22 May, 2020

Project #Mascarillas3D on Info Technology

Solidarity and companies in the pandemy
18 May, 2020

Proyecto #Mascarillas3D on La Nación

The legendary Argentine entrepreneur shows his strength during the pandemic
13 May, 2020

Proyecto #Mascarillas3D on La Prensa

#Mascarillas3D: the initiative that merged seven companies from the Technology District
27 April, 2020

Project #Mascarillas3D on Telam

Seven companies of the Technological District joined to provide masks to hospitals
24 April, 2020

Project #Mascarillas3D on iProfesional

# Mascarillas3D: solidarity initiative that united 7 companies from the Technological District of Buenos Aires
23 April, 2020

Project #Mascarillas3D on Bae Negocios

Seven companies get together to produce face masks