15 June, 2022

#ElOtroFrio campaign on Revista Mia

31 May, 2022

El Otro Frío on LN+

30 July, 2021

#ElOtroFrío on Canal 13

They provide insulation to people on the street so that they are more protected
22 July, 2021

#ELOtroFrío on InfoNews

El Otro Frío: detainees make blankets with milk sachets
16 July, 2021

#ElOtroFrío on Infobae

From a prison and with saches of milk they make coats for people in street situations
8 July, 2021

#ElOtroFrío on Clarín

Campaign #ElOtroFrío  
8 July, 2021

#ElOtroFrío on Conexión Abierta

We contacted Goga Dodero, founder of La Sechetera who is part of the #ElOtroFrio campaign that makes all kinds of coat with milk and yogurt sachets […]
1 July, 2021

#ElOtroFrío on BAE Negocios

They will manufacture cold insulation with donations of sachets  
1 July, 2021

#ElOtroFrío on Canal de la Ciudad

“El Otro Frío”, a solidarity campaign to help homeless people in Hoy Nos Toca
29 June, 2021

#ElOtroFrío on TN

Solidarity chain against the cold
28 June, 2021

#ElOtroFrío on Crónica TV

#ElOtroFrio campaign: prisoners make insulation for homeless people
28 June, 2021

#ElOtroFrío on IP Noticias

Empty sachets are collected at different points in CABA and GBA
25 June, 2021

#ElOtroFrío on Punto Trade

They launch a new edition of #ElOtroFrio  
25 June, 2021

#ElOtroFrío on UNIFE TV

“#ElOtroFrío”, the campaign carried out by prisoners and “La Sachetera” to help people on the street  
22 June, 2021

#ElOtroFrío on Télam