5 July, 2022

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“Slow growth with inflation, on the way to stagflation”
28 April, 2022

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“Women and finance: how to close the gender pay gap”
26 April, 2022

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“How to empower women investors in the financial world?”
22 February, 2022

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New global sales manager at Carmignac
7 February, 2022

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Carmignac appoints Martial Godet as global head of sales
24 August, 2021

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These are the four financial trends that are changing China
23 August, 2021

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China launched structural reforms to generate more sustainable growth
9 August, 2021

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The trend of selling and buying used clothing grows in a pandemic
9 August, 2021

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Fast Fashion: from environmental and social problem to win-win results?
19 July, 2021

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The relentless reality of the business cycle
29 June, 2021

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Dollar: the keys that explain why it could lose its splendor globally  
28 June, 2021

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Macro perspectives and investment strategies
16 June, 2021

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Markets: Argentine stocks rise, while Wall Street falls after Fed communication  
31 May, 2021

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The risk of return on inflation is not a pipe dream
4 January, 2021

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An equivocal return to normality