22 June, 2022

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“Road Safety Day: how technology helps prevent traffic accidents”
22 June, 2022

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“National Road Safety Day, key education and video surveillance to prevent accidents”
15 June, 2022

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“Road Safety Day: applied technology for the prevention of traffic accidents”
9 June, 2022

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“How does the country’s first smart supermarket work?”
31 May, 2022

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“These financial metrics will be crucial for the development of your business”
30 May, 2022

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“Forbes, from the inside: this is the first smart supermarket in the country and Latin America”
26 October, 2021

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The latest in high-precision video surveillance
14 October, 2021

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The Argentine countryside is transformed, makes the “cows talk” and promises fresh dollars for the economy
13 October, 2021

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Video surveillance, key to providing more security
13 October, 2021

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Security cameras: what are the different types, which one is right and why
18 August, 2021

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The future of mobility: healthy and personal transportation
19 July, 2021

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Artificial intelligence
19 July, 2021

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Latest generation surveillance cameras: the 5 best models to reinforce security at home
9 June, 2021

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High, medium and low risk AI: the EU seeks to regulate and protect citizens
8 June, 2021

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