We design communication strategies to give visibility to our clients and position ourselves as
reference experts in the different topics related to their know-how.


We build long-term relationships with the main references of local and regional media through the creation of attractive content and its strategic distribution that ensures the visibility of the brands that work with us.

Branded Content & Personal Branding

We transmit the philosophy of brands through the development of content that reaches their consumers. We position spokespersons in various areas (businessmen, politicians, authors, speakers) to be recognized as references.


We organize turnkey events: press conferences, press tours, corporate events and all kinds of meetings that involve from 2 people to more than 500.

Social Media

We manage the content and presence of brands / people in SM, from the PR perspective, through the creation and activation of strategies related to a defined core target.

Crisis management

We support spokespersons and companies in situations of communication crisis. We prepare action plans, media support and corresponding statements.

Media Training

Spokesperson training for contact with the media, so that their attitudes, responses and messages achieve fluency and efficiency even in the face of uncomfortable or unforeseen situations.


We reach the public of our clients through coverage in online and offline media throughout the country and the region.

Why choose us


We seek to constantly update our staff in order to keep up to date with new market trends.


Our consultant applies a strict reservation policy regarding the information accessed by each client.


Our commitment is not only placed with the quality of each project but also with the responsibility in terms of stipulated work deadlines.


We always aim for a high level of service and the maximum satisfaction of those who hire us.


Our services are not standard, we listen to our clients and put together a plan adapted to their needs.

We work together with the best companies

We work together with the best companies

The recommendation of the companies that hire us is one of the pillars of our growth...


We believe that it is essential to achieve and exceed the objective established for each action
and that the client recommends our work.


For the third consecutive year we won an Eikon Award. In 2022 we were recognized in the “Social Sustainability” category for our worf for “El Otro Frío”. In previous years we received it for “Press Relations”, “Social Marketing” and “General Digital Campaign. Web, Social Media and Mobile Digital Communication”. We also received the Grand Prix for Innovation!

Regional scope

We were chosen by Worldcom Public Relations Group, an organization of independent public relations agencies with a presence in 49 countries, 115 cities and 6 continents with more than 143 offices globally to represent the network in Argentina.


Our management team has many years of experience in the world of external
communications, both in journalistic companies and in press and advertising agencies.


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