5 July, 2022

CREA on La Nación

“New CREA regional authorities were elected”
13 June, 2022

CREA on La Nación

“The CREA Congress is coming: these are its thematic axes”
8 June, 2022

CREA on Radio Mitre

“The agricultural community steps strong in Córdoba”
31 May, 2022

CREA on TN – Todo Noticias

“Inflation in Argentina is the fourth highest figure in the world, behind Venezuela, Lebanon and Sudan”
26 May, 2022

CREA on Perfil

“Why Argentina’s inflation cannot be compared with those of other countries”
20 May, 2022

CREA on Revista Apertura

“Radiography of agriculture: exports”
6 May, 2022

CREA on Canal Rural

2 May, 2022

CREA on Diario de Cuyo

“In CREA, 65% foresee a bad 2023”
28 April, 2022

CREA on Diario La Capital

“Environmental sustainability is lived and measured”
21 April, 2022

CREA on Los Andes

“Almost one out of every two agricultural producers believes that it is a good time to invest”
21 April, 2022

Movimiento CREA on Revista Apertura, El Cronista

“Fair or Necessary?”
21 April, 2022

CREA on La Nueva

“CREA: 65% of agricultural entrepreneurs do not expect a better economy by 2023”
25 March, 2022

CREA on Clarin

CREA 2022 Congress
21 March, 2022

CREA on Forbes Argentina

Lollapalooza 2022: brands also take the stage